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Blur Premieres New Track “There Are Too Many Of Us”

Somewhat surprisingly, reunited Britpop favorites Blur will release The Magic Whip, their first album in more than a decade on April 27. After releasing the first single from the new album, “Go Out,” last month, the band has premiered another new track from The Magic Whip, “There Are Too Many of Us,” with a decidedly lo-fi video.

On the song, frontman Damon Albarn warbles mournfully that “There are too many of us / In tiny houses here and there” over martial drums and pounding synth strings. The other instruments, including some interesting, bubbling synthesizer textures, are slowly built into the song as it transitions from a dragging march to something with much more forward momentum.

For the video, a central image of the band playing the song in a harshly lit rehearsal space is contrasting with a series of images on the margins—including images of brutalist apartment buildings, plastic army men, and a rotating, comic-book-style, dot matrix border.

Check out the tracklist for The Magic Whip and the video for ‘There Are Too Many of Us” below:

The Magic Whip Tracklist:
1. Lonesome Street
2. New World Towers
3. Go Out
4. Ice Cream Man
5. Thought I Was A Spaceman
6. I Broadcast
7. My Terracotta Heart
8. There Are Too Many Of Us
9. Ghost Ship
10. Pyongyang
11. Ong Ong
12. Mirrorball

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