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Ryan Adams Covers “Summer Of ’69” At Ryman Auditorium

For years, Ryan Adams has been dogged by one request throughout his career: Bryan Adams. Ryan has steadfastly refused to cover the Canadian songwriter’s work over the years, going so far as to toss a fan out of a concert for requesting “Summer Of ’69.” Thirteen years after Ryan’s curse-laden tantrum over the request, he seems to have calmed down a bit. In fact, upon his return to the Ryman, he finally fulfilled that decade-old request.

With an acoustic guitar and a lyrics sheet in front of him, Ryan covered “Summer Of ’69” with the sincerity that has characterized his best work. It’s not surprising: despite his frustration with the comparison, Ryan has been a fan of Bryan’s music for a while, and the two have become pretty good friends in recent years.

This isn’t the first time Ryan Adams has covered Bryan, either; he busted out a version of “Run To You” in concert last year. Still, something about this feels as if Ryan Adams has finally put his temperamental years behind him. You can check out a fan-made video of Ryan (not Bryan) Adams’ version of “Summer of ’69” below:

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