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Sean Rowe takes on Lucinda Williams’ “Soldier’s Song”

Sean Rowe, Madman, Anti Records, Her Songs
Sean Rowe By Anthony St. James

Six powerhouse contemporary female artists are getting the Sean Rowe treatment. Set for an April 28th release, Rowe’s latest EP, Her Songs, features the folk singer/songwriter’s interpretation of songs by Lucinda Williams, Neko Case, Cat Power, Feist, Regina Spektor and Sade.

On creating the album, Rowe said, “If you can cover a song with just a voice and a guitar, you know there’s something there. It really confirms my belief in how important space is in a song. And of being content in using very few elements to create something.” And indeed, with just his voice, a harmonica, and a guitar, the concept of the album was simple, as was the execution; Her Songs is all acoustic, and each of the six tracks was recorded and filmed live in a single take.

The result, however, is far from simple. Rowe’s booming, resonant baritone infuses the tracks with an evocative, searing power. He takes on Lucinda Williams with a stripped down, heart wrenching rendition of “Soldier’s Song.” The best covers can re-frame a beloved song in a new light, and Rowe’s effortless masculinity lends a new tinge of remorse to the ballad, reminiscent of the iconic balladeer Johnny Cash.

Watch the live recording of “Soldier’s Song” below, out now via ANTI- Records.

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  1. Wow, I tought I knew that song, but tonight I reaized I didn’t …. Until now.
    Please note I’ve seen Lu six times in the past year.