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Pete Townshend On The Who’s Latest Farewell Tour

pete-townshend-corbis-660-80Much like his bandmate Roger Daltrey, the Who guitarist and songwriter Pete Townshend sat down with Rolling Stone for a lengthy, wide-ranging interview on the verge of the band’s 50th anniversary tour, promoted as yet another farewell tour set to take place 51 years after the band’s formation in 1964.

Townshend spoke about the camaraderie he feels with the band’s crew (“It’s like being back in a family”) and takes potshots at Daltrey’s vanity (“I think Roger does have a tremendous sense of concern that he has been seen to be a youthful, good-looking, well-preserved man, and as he gets older, the way he feels about that is in question”). Towshend also (good-naturedly) throws some shade at Daltrey for inserting some of the band’s earlier, backing-vocal-heavy songs—such as “Pictures Of Lily” and “A Quick One While He’s Away”—back into the setlist after many years of not playing them.

The interview is worth reading in its entirety, just to hear the curmudgeonly Townshend’s take on everything from ISIS to Bob Dylan‘s constant touring to his self-described hypocritical view on Spotify to the differences between himself and Robert Plant.

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