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Exclusive: Help Fight Against Domestic Abuse With The City & The Heart’s New Album

yldmgKk - ImgurWhile on tour, Brooklyn blues-rocker Meghann Wright has been recording her own twists to well-known covers in her “Covering America” series, but in addition to being a unique singer-songwriter of both original and covered music, Wright is also the founder of The City & The Heart, an all-female collective of indie musicians putting on showcases together to raise money for Safe Horizon, the largest victims’ services agency for domestic abuse victims in the United States.

For The City & The Heart’s second compilation album, completed and officially releasing tomorrow, a team of fifteen New York City based female musicians (Wright included), have put together a powerful, exciting new record with some of the best up-and-coming female indie artists in the NYC area. Meghann Wright shines on the opening track, “Diamonds Blaze”, her rare voice projecting against an explosion of rock instrumentation. Other tracks, like “Beautiful Mystery” by Vine Leaf and “Silk Road” by Tatiana Moroz, are pretty, soft, sparkling ballads while “Really Know To Love” by Lindsay Dunphy and “Girls Away From Girls” by Tamar Haviv are punchy, pop-based anthems. It’s clear that The City & The Heart Vol. 2 is teeming with talent; heavy beats, original lyrics, and a slew of unique voices come together to release a compelling and entertaining compilation album. Not only are these 15 talented women providing great music for listeners, they are also raising money for a worthy organization. The City & The Heart is a project for women doing good things by women doing good things.

Listen to The City & The Heart’s second volume below and donate to Safe Horizon here to support domestic abuse victims:

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