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Exclusive: Listen To A New Alt-Country Jam From Runner Of The Woods

runner of the woods, thirsty valleyWith a new band, a new home and a new musical direction, Nick Beaudoing returns to the music scene with Runner of the Woods’ debut album, Thirsty Valley, due out July 10th. It wasn’t easy for Beaudoing to leave his New York City based honky-tonk band the Doc Marshalls, but moving to Nashville allowed him to embrace his new project with Runner of the Woods, drawing inspiration from nature, especially the lakes, rivers and waters he has always treasured. Expecting a newborn and balancing his family and work, Beaudoing maximized his time to write and record the album at night, finally finishing the country-gaze album with Josh Kaufman and Jonathan Gregg on guitar.

An exclusive Elmore premiere, the title track of the upcoming album, “Thirsty Valley,” projects a feel-good vibe of positivity and determination. The country-folk song with heavy hints of rock, holds onto faith and perseverance (“I don’t need to run around to be free”), reminiscent of the vocals and vibe of fellow alt-country rockers, Wilco. Beaudoing describes the message of the song, which was inspired by the Californian Water Wars of the early 1900s, as “losing with your dignity intact,” as he ends the track with a triumphant assurance that he won’t leave “Thirsty Valley.” And you’ll be glad you won’t have to either, because you’re guaranteed to hit repeat.

Take a listen to Runner of the Wood’s new track “Thirsty Valley” below, and order their debut album, due out tomorrow, here.

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