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Exclusive: Watch Foxtrot & the Get Down’s Hilarious New Video For “Can’t Find Your Love”

Foxtrot & The Get Down


Aching with laughter, Elmore is ecstatic to premiere Foxtrot & the Get Down’s hilarious video for “Can’t Find Your Love.” Portraying more than just its protagonists failing attempts at finding love, the video plays on society’s warped desperation for love and contemporary dating culture. Also featuring excellent musicianship, “Can’t Find You Love” highlights Ryan Fox’s smooth jazz drumming and a rocking arrangement powered by Colin Budny’s gritty vocals and Ken Bianco’s heavy bass line.

Originally formed by the three musicians in 2011 (having met at West Chester University), the band now also features Erica Ruiz on vocals. After deploying their blues/rock sound with their EP, Sold The Soul, the group is now preparing for the release of their first full-length LP.

While we wait, check out the premiere of their new video for “Can’t Find Your Love” below.


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