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Kevin Gordon

Long Gone Time

Artist:     Kevin Gordon

Album:     Long Gone Time

Label:     Crowville Media

Release Date:     09/04/2015


“Says his prayers knowin’ / There’s a shotgun behind the door . . .” Without fuss, muss and autotune, Gordon has assembled a just-below-the-radar day gig that has attracted Lucinda Williams, Gary W. Tallent, Levon Helm, the NY Times, the Rolling Stones and Keith Richards. Long Gone Time, Gordon’s fifth imaginistic, Southern swamp goth offering since ’98, will (hopefully, deservedly) open a few more ears and doors.

Gordon’s an avid folk art collector/curator and his music sounds like a saunter through the humid, unswept past. Loping, lazy, shadowy, sexual (“All In The Mystery.”) Equal parts heyday Crazy Horse (“Walking On The Levee”) and crackly, vintage blues 78 rpms (“Shotgun By The Door,” “Letter To Shreveport.”) When he’s not conjuring ghosts from the Spanish moss or broken, backwoods porches with just his guitar and dusky vocals, he’s road-housing with a full band of blues rockers bringing his lyrical honky-tonk to vivid life (“Church On Time.”) If  somehow Long Time Gone doesn’t get you listening to Gordon’s dark constructions, try out 2012’s much acclaimed Gloryland.

– Mike Jurkovic

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