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Amy Blaschke


Artist:     Amy Blaschke

Album:     Opaline

Label:     Bird On A Lyre Records

Release Date:     10/09/2015


The feathery gossamer vocals of Seattle-born, Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Amy Blaschke hit my ear drums like a perfectly fluffed pillow. That pillow goes well with the lullabies of her latest disc Opaline, which is sonically true to its name, altering between dreamy romantic tales and sweetly somber heartbreaks. Indie-acoustic soft-rock instrumentals and wistful lyrics are prevalent, like on the title track, a sweetly dreamy ode that echoes, “Let your dreams rise above, let your notions of peace overcome,” or friendship song “Through to Blue” which says, “I will smile and hold your hand…for you have found true love in me” in a playfully repetitive bridge. “Walking With The Rise” is a sweet café rhythm with a sad story to tell and yet a revelation to uncover. Then “My Own Only” explores a painful love story through tragic yet dreamy guitar, as Blaschke’s syrupy vocals clash with dark lyrics.

“All Of One Love” starts with interesting, almost folksy finger picking, adds some soft and soothing hand drum beats to keep a slow and swaying rhythm, and layers Blaschke’s gauzy vocals on top. She coos, “All of my love is all all of one love—true love,” before ascending into an enlightening space with fuller sound. “Shiver Wary” then falls into a darker place, with lyrics noting sharp daggers and the dangers of the mind. Guitar, drums and bass are steady yet more troubled, and Blaschke’s vocals are deeper, though still effervescent. “Just Roses” is sonically darker than its predecessors, with prominent drums and stronger bass. Blaschke chants, “No stem, no thorns, just roses, just a string of roses. No leaves, no roots, just roses.” Innocence is beauty. “Above All Oceans” stands out as one of the best-written tracks on the album, a poem of hopeful longing.

– Kayln Oyer

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