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Exclusive: Listen to Andrea Nardello’s Brand New Folk/Rock EP, “Fire”

Andrea Nardello

Andrea Nardello’s Fire EP comes out on April 15th, but we’re lucky to be exclusively premiering it early, here on Elmore!

Singer/songwriter Andrea Nardello hails from Philadelphia and has garnered much attention since her previous release, Echo. She has been opening for other folk/rock artists such as Brandi Carlile, Tony Lucca and Gabe Dixon in support of the album.

Nardello’s brand new Fire EP holds a selection of 7 tracks, including the lead single, “Fire”, a song full of power and recovery. The single sets the album’s tone for a reinvigorated and revitalized take on the struggles of life and an optimism in uncertainty.

The direct and honest expression in her lyrics sing of darkness and the search for light. The rocking song, “F**k It” stands out from the album with a spicy attitude, admitting that ‘life’s not always sunshine.’ Nardello moves from “F**k It” to more nostalgic tracks such as “Hope For Better Days,” “Leave the Light On,” and “Where The Darkness Comes,” which are all hauntingly beautiful.

The album carries a variety of musings on life, reflecting late night thoughts in this violent world, perfect for deep contemplation or a relaxed drive home. Listen to the new EP below:


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