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Hymn River Suite

Hundred Proof

Artist:     Hymn River Suite

Album:     Hundred Proof

Label:     CEN/The Orchard

Release Date:     8.11.2017


Sibling duo Justin Mathenia and Amy Snyder alternate lead vocals to provide their listeners with a beautiful compilation of songs that blend classic, smooth southern vocals with a heavy touch of rock and roll.

Hillbilly Queen” stands out as a kick-ass country rock tune certainly fit for royalty. It’s a girl power anthem and only appropriate that Snyder takes the lead here.

“Up There” won’t take long to reach the top. It has top radio hit potential and will make new listeners take notice of this band.

“El Paso” and “Pictures” (written by Mathenia while Synder’s husband was in Afghanistan) run deep and hit home for these two songwriters. All of the songs do actually, as even the title track, “Hundred Proof” is about going through hell, loving people for who they are despite their demons, and giving listeners a sense of hope and understanding.

This is an album worth dancing to, worth singing along to in the car, and worth relating to- it’s a wonderfully fresh collection of songs that sing to your heart and lift you up. Perfect for anything you may be going through.

-Brenda Hillegas

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