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Exclusive: Marcus Goldhaber: “Thank you for your service”

"Thank you" is just the beginning

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Carry You On, singer-songwriter Marcus Goldhaber’s latest album, was designed to bridge the gap between civilians and military vets. Goldhaber has performed at veterans-related events for the last five years, during which has had countless honest conversations with members of the military community. Based on his experiences, Goldhaber seeks to deepen the conversation beyond “Thank you for your service,” and he’s doing it using a powerful tool: music.

His journey began with one song that he had been asked to write for a 9/11 compilation project. Goldhaber wound up performing that song, “Come Home America” at military events, and the powerful conversations and stories which ensued over the following five years inspired more songs which became the Carry You On album, released on Veterans Day Weekend.

Goldhaber has committed to our veterans in a real way. Half the money raised from physical Carry You On sales go to IAVA: Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.

No matter what the religion, language, religion or politics, holidays the world over are a time for gifts. This year—and next—consider what “Thank you for your service” means, and consider going a step further.  Exchange gifts. Thank military for what they give us, and consider making a gift to them. Bridge the gap, as Goldhaber suggests, and give to those who are giving to us, 24/7/365. A gift doesn’t have to be money.

Talk. Listen. Volunteer. Give. It’s that time of year.

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