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Listen To An Unreleased Sly & The Family Stone Recording

Sly and the Family Stone Higher!This year, Sly & The Family Stone are set to release Higher!, a 4-disc collection of recording the band made during their peak years in the late ’60s and early ’70s. The collection includes mono mixes of classic Sly songs, live recordings, outtakes, and a number of unreleased tracks. In the September/October issue of Elmore Magazine, writer Charley Raiff called Higher “a testament to why Sly Stone’s music is still relevant today.” The set comes out on Tuesday, but eager fans can now hear some of what Higher has to offer.

Today, Spin premiered one of Higher’s unreleased songs, titled “Life of Fortune and Fame.” The song is a slow-burning fusion of rock, soul, and gospel with a bemused lyric that, according to Sly, is based on a true story. “[It] was inspired by the real…some party. Some girl. She was the homecoming queen, and she was interested in me for some reason.”

Click here to check out the song, and look for more about Higher! in the upcoming issue of Elmore Magazine.

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