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Listen To Jim James And Seth Avett Cover Blind Melon

Photographer Danny Clinch has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Shannon Hoon Film: a Danny Clinch Documentary, his documentary about the late-Shannon Hoon, frontman for alternative rock one-hit-wonders Bilnd Melon. As part of the campaign, he has enlisted some popular musicians, including My Morning Jacket’s Jim James and the Avett Brothers’ Seth Avett, to cover Blind Melon songs.

Both James’s and Avett’s renditions of Blind Melon songs are heartfelt and lo-fi. Avett’s version of “St. Andrew’s Fall” is a stripped-down, acoustic rendition that he appears to have recorded on his laptop. James’s version of “Sleepyhouse” is a bit more ornate, psychedelic and noisy, replete with odd vocal harmonies and burbling and whirring synthesizer noises.

The documentary will be compiled primarily from hundreds of hours of footage that Hoon himself shot before his death by overdose in 1995. Further information about the project, as well as a video of the Gaslight Anthem’s Brian Fallon covering “Mouthful of Cavities,” can be found at its Kickstarter page. Watch James and Avett cover Blind Melon below:

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