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Exclusive: Great Peacock Strut Their Stuff With An Anthemic Roots-Rocker, “Let You Go”

Great Peacock by Davila Photo 2016
Great Peacock by Davila Photo 2016

What started out as a band name that simply made the dudes laugh soon became a way of life for the boisterous young group of Nashville musicians who claim the moniker, Great Peacock. In a cut-throat music town where singers and songwriters are all too often a dime-a-dozen, Great Peacock wanted to be true, blue entertainers, strutting their stuff on stage and doing their best to make people laugh, cry, sing and- of course- dance. “Through the evolution of everything we’ve done, we’ve always been big and colorful,” singer and vocalist Andrew Nelson says of the group he co-founded with his best friend and fellow southern-music enthusiast Blount Floyd. “We’ve embraced the image of the big peacock feathers, and we want to entertain you. We look that way, we think that way, and we sound that way, too.” On their 2015 debut album, Making Ghosts, they successfully paid homage to the legendary musicians that came before them—Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, George Jones–  but also paved new territory, landing on a fresh, modern yet timeless sound along the way.

Today, Elmore is premiering the band’s latest single, “Let You Go,” which opens with the blistering, anthemic wail of guitar a la Tom Petty that seems destined to soar out over the heads of blissed out, beer drunk, outdoor crowds. A complex, indie-leaning melody is propelled by Nelson and Floyd’s harmonies- a signature for the group- which entwine delicately in moments and cut searingly above the guitars in others. Meanwhile, the lyrics are sparse but effective, conveying some deeply ingrained, American sense restlessness, a nostalgia for the rambling summer nights of youth; “we’re not getting any younger, it doesn’t work that way. We’re not getting any younger, and I’m not here to stay.”

Stream “Let You Go” below, and catch the guys on tour in the south through August.

July 27 – The Basement – Nashville, TN
July 30 – Bragg Jam Music Festival – Macon, GA
August 4 – The Grey Eagle – Asheville, NC
August 5 – Will’s Mountain Festival – Bedford, PA
August 7 – Sunpark Tavern – Atlanta, GA
August 10 – BackBooth – Orlando, FL
August 11 – The Blue Rooster – Sarasota, FL
August 12 – Skipper’s Smokehouse – Tampa, FL
August 13 – Wiregrass Museum of Art – Dothan, AL
August 14 – Jackrabbit’s – Jacksonville, FL
August 18 – Gasa Gasa – New Orleans, LA
August 19 – The Merry Widow – Mobile, AL

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